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Summer Fun & Health with Disney Canada  - 6/3/2010
Many of us remember the excitement and anticipation of finally reaching our long awaited summer breaks. A time when the entire summer stretched out before us, bringing with it the promise of endless fun in the sun.
For generations, summer has meant spending hours at the pool splashing around, diving for "treasure" and pretending to be submarines exploring the endless sea.
Then there were trips to the beach or lakes that saw us put on our swim goggles or snorkel masks and dive down as far as our lungs could carry us and search for fish or sea creatures. Our water adventures often defined our summer months and allowed for us to stretch our imaginations in ways that no other activity could.
Water adventures are the perfect way for children to stay active and healthy during the summer months. Whether in a backyard pools, or in our favorite  
lakes, rivers and oceans, children are given an opportunity to think outside the box and dive into their imaginations.
Disney Canada 2010
In an effort to fuel children's imaginations in 2010, Disney Canada offers an array of character driven aquatics products including the Princess Falcon Swim Mask, Car 2-Pack Swim Goggles, Toy Story & Princess Snorkel Combos and more. These high-quality, comfort-driven products inspire chidren to transform into their favorite Disney characters while becoming stronger swimmers. Now available at Toys R US Canada.

Swim Health Benefits for children

  • Physical: Water acts as resistance to help build muscle strength. It is also a low-impact exercise that protects bones, joints and muscles.
  • Mental: Studies show that children participating in swim programs score higher in intelligence and problem-solving testing. Also, since swimming is an ambidextrous activity, it helps  balance brain hemispheres which is expecially helpful for those with dislexia.
  • Emotional: Studies show that children who swim year round are found to be more self-disciplined, more motivated and self confident.

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